About Energoonz

How To Play Free Energoonz


These are the tips that you need to know to play free Energoonz. The game is different from most progressive slots. The idea is to make all of the characters in each row or column of the five by five display disappear. The payout is greater than 96 percent.


Energoonz is absolutely one of the strangest looking progressive slots games out there. The strangeness comes from the characters or critters that populate the game. You get an atom, a pair of lightning bolts, a fish creature, a three eyed green blob, an almost Pokemon, and something of a Sponge Bob.


You can bet from 20 cents to 40 dollars on each column. You get rewarded for matching characters in any horizontal row or column. The number of characters that you get a reward for is three and above. The rewards increase with play and the multiplier increases for the game as each set of three to five characters disappears.


The game deserves a bit of study before you start playing. Game has auto play function. The bottom display tells you the bets in play, what is in your account, and the number of wins. The left hand phone-like display shows a record of the total winning and the multipliers that you have earned. The right hand space ship looking display has a fit when you win.


Again, the idea is to make all of the critters and symbols disappear to win more. The multiplier keeps accumulating for each spin. You get 1,000 times the amount that you bet if you clear all of the creatures from the board by getting matches on each “spin”. There are no spinning reels like standard slot games.


You can earn bonuses that are one times the amount in each column when you play free Energoonz. The word bonus appears behind the symbol before it disappears so you know what bonus that you get. You get a free spin if you find the whole word bonus in any vertical or horizontal column. A multiplier is added for any bonus column you make disappear.


This game does not include wild cards at all. Getting three of a kind in any row or column shows the word wild in the center symbol. You can create an infinite number of wild cards as long as you do not get five of a kind. Five of a kind begins the wild process over.


You get no scatters when you play free Energoonz. This is compensated for by the bonus system and the chance to win as many as 20 free spins.